How to Gain Weight Quickly: 10 Steps

Consume 300-500 calories more than usual


Eating 300-500 calories more than your normal intake may not be easy, but you must do it if you want to stop being skinny. Make sure you don’t do it just by overeating at once, but instead do it gradually over the whole day. You may also want to have a look at these foods and their calorie count so as to fulfil your daily requirement.


How to Gain Weight Quickly: 10 Steps


Work out your entire body


How to Gain Weight Quickly: 10 Steps
Workout your whole body


There are some muscles you can clearly see and admire in the mirror and some muscles you cannot. A lot of gym goers usually train only the muscles on their arms, chest and shoulders and this is a grave error. Firstly, it will give you a disproportionate body that not many people like. Also, it will make you prone to injuries. Therefore, make sure you workout your entire body for a complete look.

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