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Walking vs. Running: Which One Is Best

There are many reasons why people start running: to stay slim, boost energy, or snag that treadmill next to our longtime gym crush. Running…

How to Gain Weight Quickly: 10 Steps

Gaining weight is similar to losing weight; nothing is impossible with the right diet, exercise and attitude. Here are 10 super-simple tips that’ll help you gain…

How to Start Running Today

  It seems like after a certain age (26?), everyone embraces long-distance running.  Goodbye, day drinking; hello, marathon training. Running has many benefits, from increased happiness to weight loss. It may even reduce your risk for certain kinds of cancer. But if the farthest you’ve ever run is to catch the subway, the idea of […]

5 Tips for Your First Long Bike Ride

  It’s tempting to just get on your bike and go, but you could easily be setting yourself up for a fall if you neglect the following fundamentals. Here is The Cycling Bug’s list of the 5 things you must do before your next ride

How to Stay Fit in College

I have many girls asking me these days, how can they stay healthy while they are in college. Well yes, it’s harder to stay fit and healthy when you’re far from home, and you have a lot going on. No gyms near by – or no money for gym, no healthy food on the menu, no […]

51 Health and Fitness Terms for Beginners

Individuals who are new to the fitness world should become familiar with commonly used fitness terms or things can become pretty confusing when speaking…

How old is your body

New research suggests that your body parts age at different rates. The good news: Exercise turns back the clock. We’ve all heard of the marathoner…

7 Tips for Running in the Heat

It’s officially spring! If you’re in NJ or around here on the east coast, you may have been getting 80 degree weather the past…

6 Weird Side Effects of Working Out

Do your eyes ever water while you work out? Have you ever peed a little bit (or a lot) while you were running? Physical…

5 Ways to Reduce Post-Workout Soreness

We’ve all been there before: After one-too-many days “being good” and getting in those workouts, it hits — muscle soreness. And just like a good relationship gone bad, once it’s over, the pain is all sorts of awful and makes you question why you even did it in the first place. The good news? There […]