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How to Improve Your Rope Climbing

So, have you tried rope climbing at your local gym? Well, if you haven’t you might want to consider it. Rope climbing is one of the best full body workouts and is incredibly fun to do once you learn how to do it properly. Read this post and find out how to perform some simple […]

Crunch-Free Moves for Your Abs

A lot of women still think that crunches and sit-ups are how you build a strong core, but you shouldn’t believe in either and should…

7 Beginner’s Yoga Poses to Help You Get Started

Are you a yogi-wannabe but too intimidated to enter a group yoga class with no yoga experience? Well, it’s time to zen out and fret no more. After you practice these seven basic yoga poses, you’ll have a perfect foundation for performing yoga that will be having you scream (or whisper) “Namaste” from the hill […]

The 7 Best Push Up Exercises

The push-up is without a doubt the first muscle-building activity most people try out but somewhere along the line they discover weight training and the age-old technique is discarded. This is very sad considering it is one of the most complete bodyweight exercises that target your chest, abs, arms and shoulder – pretty much every […]

10 Super-Tough Exercises For Abs

Who doesn’t want a tight and toned core, and perhaps abs that pop? In addition to looking great, a strong core really cuts down…

10 Dips Exercises

Dips are a very challenging workout and can be done with different variations. They don’t look like a fun activity but give amazing results….

The 4 Best Arm Exercises for Women

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you will look in that perfect holiday dress, because even if you aren’t currently…

Killer Butt and Leg Exercises

This workout is designed to maximize fat loss while toning and defining leg and glute muscles. It is recommended to perform the workout below…

10 Best Butt Exercises for a Great Butt Workout

The best way to strengthen, lift, and tone your butt is to seek out the most innovative workouts, tailor-made to target your glutes in…

Full Body HIIT Workout Using Medicine Ball

High intensity interval training always guarantees three things: fat blasting, muscle toning and saved time. Theses are the only three things you’ll ever really need…