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How To Stay Energized From Morning To Night

All-day energy is the seemingly unattainable goal of mothers all across the country; a holy grail, if you will. Even if we pump ourselves full of coffee in the morning, it seems like that mid-afternoon crash is just inevitable! If you are sick and tired of the incessant fatigue that comes with having a child […]

13 Workout Tips You Need To Know

If you are one of the minority of people who regularly go to a gym for exercise, then congratulations! It means you have the right priorities and terrific discipline. But it’s fair to say that at times, even for committed exercisers, motivation often flags, and there are days when it requires a Herculean effort just […]

9 Ways to Get Energized and Motivated When You Feel Lazy

Getting in shape tops many people’s New Year’s resolution lists. We all say we’re too busy to fit in a workout, but exercise doesn’t…

Reasons to Cancel Your Gym Membership

The gym used to be the premier location for fitness. It’s where people go to lift, sweat, burn, blast, tone, strengthen and build their bodies. The gym has it all, but you don’t use it all. Maybe you don’t have the time, or you only want to focus on specific things. Reality is that the gym is […]

Signs Your Body Needs Rest ASAP

Ah, yes, this statement and similar motivational (ish) quotes are go-to stock phrases of drill sargents, tough guys, and, unfortunately, coaches and workout buddies…

8 Things You May Not Know About Weight Training

Quick: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says weight lifting? Seriously jacked up bodies? Intimidatingly heavy looking dumbbells? Chest-bumping bros?…

10 Ways to Exercise Without Even Knowing It

No time for exercise? Try these sneaky tricks to work out with almost no effort at all. Go on, it needs a good clean, anyway….

Natural exercises vs. machines

You might think that a person who rides a stationary bike would get just as fit as someone who rides one outdoors. It doesn’t work like that though. People who use road bikes get a better fitness workout than those who use a stationary bike. A couple of points is outdoor biking is more fun […]

8 Warning Signs of Depression

How are you able to tell if you are depressed? It sounds like a stupid question, but a surprising quantity of us might not recognize the signs of depression, even though 1 in ten individuals will expertise a serious depressive episode in their life. Numerous of us are afraid to speak of depression. This stigma […]

Exposing the Top 10 Fitness Myths

With so many people offering advice on weight loss, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. All too often you’ve overheard a hardworking gym-goer sharing a well-meaning but ill-informed tip with another exerciser or even yourself. And you’re not the only one who’s heard fitness folklore being swapped on the training room floor. […]